Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Review + Bonus Videos

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is an arcade simulator battles, in which players can have arbitrarily crazy battles. For example, you can push the army of Ancient Rome, and the ten thousand chickens. Or a squad of soldiers in WWII with the army of the middle Ages. Or to bring down the medieval city nuclear weapons. The only thing that is limited to players is their imagination.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a huge sandbox in the likeness of the popular game “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator”, only here you have no restrictions. You can create an army of unprecedented size. All restrictions rests only in the power of your computer. Create a huge army of Romans, orcs, trolls, or even penguins. The developers have tried to add several types of soldiers to make the game more interesting...

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Why secrets in video games is so important?

How games bring people together.

People were buzzing with excitement and joy at the end of Comic-con in San Diego in 2018. Why? Because of the secret. The developers Cory Barlog and Joe Kennedy of Santa Monica Studio confirmed that God of War is one more Easter eggs, and noted that the answer must be sought in the comic, and the people United together to find something new in your favorite game.

This sudden surge of enthusiasm, thanks to which the latest Easter eggs in God of War found only a few days later, leads to an interesting thought. Secrets in games are important. Something like Reptile in Mortal Kombat could become a legendary part of the game that will be remembered long after its release.

Even when the cheats have become a common phenomenon and Internet articles each move of the...

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Top 10 amazing games about X-Men

Few superhero teams are as well known as X-Men. For decades, dozens of characters and dozens of stories have graced the pages of books and comics and appeared on the screens. Of course, video games about X-Men is also rife, and about half of them are very good!

One of the coolest things about the X-Men is that the team is constantly changing, and this concept is well suited for games. It was and fighting games and action games and even RPGs. So, without further ADO, here are ten of the coolest games of X-Men.

X-Men: The Arcade Game is a classic In the past, when companies like Konami were able to get standing on the verge of bankruptcy the rights to Marvel characters on the cheap, these games have been numerous, low-budget and high-quality.

In those days it was much more creative freedom a...

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The Elder Scrolls 6: what we know from the teaser

A deep analysis of the teaser to the Ancient scrolls 6.

Last year there was a lot of revival around The Elder Scrolls 6, because people is waiting for this game. Nevertheless it absolutely had no information. No confirmed thefts and any such thing, but it was, to put it mildly, a great many rumors and fan theories. Such an appetite in the sixth game makes sense: it’s time for Bethesda to continue the development of its iconic franchise. Skyrim is definitely awesome. In recent years it has become available on almost every device, which you can think of, and achieved success on all platforms.

The game had survived more than two generations of consoles, plenty of mods, a full re-release and even a version for the Switch...

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Is it possible to photorealism in games?

Video games transport us to places we will never see and allow us to experience events that are impossible in reality, but this does not mean that they always look realistic. Many developers are content to cartoony or stylized graphics, but some people try to achieve photorealism.

Fantastic stories combined with plausible-looking atmosphere is really something. I would say that some games are already very close to this, but I can’t stop to ask themselves whether the gaming industry is always to deal with this problem. Is it possible the realism? Perhaps we have reached the pinnacle of graphical realism? What then?

I find it hard to believe that the developers will ever be able to create better graphics...

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15 innocuous things in video games that will not harm the player

This world is full of lies and deceit.

Let’s say you play the game, go through the dungeon and suddenly notice something on the ground. “Look! – shout you. – Look, what kind of rope I found. Handy later, when I choke the NPC without any reason, just out of boredom”. A great find, right? You bend to lift the object, and then… BOOM! It’s not a string. It was a hoax.

The game puts you at a disadvantage: it was a poisonous snake, which was lying here for hundreds of years and pretending to be a rope, just hoping that someone noticed her and fell for her clever tricks. “Ha ha! – laughing game. I got one!”

Well done, game. Well played. Here are 15 things from games that we underestimated, because they looked very innocent, and then was blinded by a truly evil entity.

Almost all Pre...

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