15 innocuous things in video games that will not harm the player

This world is full of lies and deceit.

Let’s say you play the game, go through the dungeon and suddenly notice something on the ground. “Look! – shout you. – Look, what kind of rope I found. Handy later, when I choke the NPC without any reason, just out of boredom”. A great find, right? You bend to lift the object, and then… BOOM! It’s not a string. It was a hoax.

The game puts you at a disadvantage: it was a poisonous snake, which was lying here for hundreds of years and pretending to be a rope, just hoping that someone noticed her and fell for her clever tricks. “Ha ha! – laughing game. I got one!”

Well done, game. Well played. Here are 15 things from games that we underestimated, because they looked very innocent, and then was blinded by a truly evil entity.

Almost all Prey

Even a simple walk in the seemingly boring setting in Prey from Arkane Studios horrifying. The main feature mimics enemies, which most often come across in this game – is that they can take the shape of virtually everything.

Every step has to be done in tension, each object that the hero picks up or looks which can be potentially fatal. You see that chair? That ordinary pen on the table? The flower in the corner? All in Prey plotting against you.

The lure of algae (Fallout 4 – Far Harbor DLC)

The lure of the seaweed thing is easy to find in Fallout 4. This plant you will very often collect. Thanks to Bethesda for the fact that one of the enemies in the game looks exactly the same as bait. Legendary glowing angler an enemy that likes to hide and is very similar to the lure of the algae.

Even if this creature was hiding, you would not immediately understand that this is something that is a threat, at least not at first glance. There are ways to distinguish between the bait and the angler, but still there is a possibility that you suddenly attack.

Swan (Fallout 4)

The secret boss is a combination of Fallout 4 not deceptive appearance. Just all around it lulls the vigilance and makes you believe that you are not in great danger. Swan (his name used to be Edgar Swann) is the location of “Swan Pond”.

Looking at this title, you will surely shrug, thinking that it’s just remnants of the old pond inhabited by swans, or something like that, right? There’s even a broken boat has! But it’s all a hoax: a Swan – monster-super-mutant.

Capsule (Sonic and Knuckles)

In a series of games Sonic capsules for a long time. As a rule, they are animal friends that were captured by Dr. Eggman. Because of this, players kept finding these little things to free animals.

However, in the zone Flying Battery Zone in Sonic and Knuckles, some capsules are trying to fool the player. Some of them are rings, some are empty and some can hide dangerous creatures.

Chests (Dark Souls)

As with similar beings in Prey (and other games that have similar ideas; the Prey is just too developed), mimics in Dark Souls – enemies who will seduce you with their apparent generality.

They are disguised as chests, and such things, no player in Dark Souls could not ignore. However, it should come in a little closer, he suddenly grows in size, appears long arms and legs. Like everything else in this series of games, these things really want to kill the player.

The goddamn door (Cave Story)

Now a lot of players the door known as the enemy, but when the game just came out, we knew nothing and thought it was just… well, the door. Yes, it has eyes, so it’s definitely something wrong, but the fact that the eye is not always visible.

Generally very easy to be deceived and to think that it’s just a door. Eventually, you will start to ruthlessly attack. Well, at least this door in the game only one.

The wall…? (Nioh)

Nioh is in General not an easy game. You may have already heard this phrase 1-2 times. It’s almost like Dark Souls, and Dark Souls is the hardest game (you could hear). Wall Nurikabe Nioh sometimes complicate even more. It’s the youkai that take the form of walls and are harmless in those places where walls should be.

If provoked, they become really angry. They are slow  but deal massive damage. Kill them from a distance with a ranged weapon – a tactic that usually works. However, they can also throw the player the stones and this also causes harm.

…Stones? (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Ah, mud crabs. This topic is almost half of all conversations in Tamriel. Over the years among fans of The Elder Scrolls mud crabs have reached the status of a meme. The reason for this was one of the types of these beings, like rocks. To stumble on them after about 78 million hours of play. Good that they are easy to kill, because these crabs wildly annoying.

Random boulders (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild – a game which may be of interest to literally everything that catches the eye. It’s full of things that attract attention, even if you see them in the corner of the eye. Most often hike to such things is worth it. In the game world also have a huge pile of boulders, and at first glance, you might think that they are.

If you get closer, the boulders come out of the slumber and take its true form. A huge monster made of stone that can crush the player like a bug. Yes, Conrad is from the Breath of the Wild is not the most friendly place.

Merchants (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Maybe, if merchants in Hyrule friendly? Wonderful conversation, cute animation, their joyful desire to sell the player anything useful – there is no reason to mistrust these people, right? But some vendors, who roam the world, are not those for whom they are.

You just get near and they take a real look. They are originally from the IgA clan. They have teleportation, magic spells and deadly scythes.

Harmless piano (Super Mario 64)

The evil piano from Super Mario 64 among fans of the series is considered legendary. In the level “Hunting for ghosts” nothing shows friendliness. This thing at first seems like a regular old piano, but in the end turns out to be a nightmare of the players. Come closer, and it will start to chase you around the room, greedily snapping large teeth.

In the late 90s, from this to millions of children had nightmares. The fact that the piano was guarding a red coin, made the situation even worse because in any case, you have to deal with it.

Cars (GTA Online)

GTA Online from Rockstar – terribly successful gameplay tens of millions of people. A side effect of this – a lot of cheaters. Apparently, Rockstar had to come up with a clever way to deal with such dishonest players.

Not so long ago a method was found of the use of machines, designed for one player, and as a result the use of the car was given an unfair advantage over other players. Rockstar could behave in such a boring (but effective) by simply removing these machines from the game or giving bans these cheaters, but they also decided to have some fun. Now when a player gets into that car, they immediately explode. You know what? If this happens, you probably deserve it.

Plants (Hyper Light Drifter)

Hyper Light Drifter is the game that is confusing. Not in a bad way (well, maybe sometimes). Most often, the game makes you appreciate its complexity. However, sometimes it’s just crazy: for example when you pass through the bushes which, it would seem, is no different from other harmless in-game plants that you have encountered before.

Only here the fact that you’re wrong. It is these plants that cannot be distinguished from the other bushes, instantly come to life and attack the player, even explode, taking your life.

Poor larvae in captivity (Hollow Knight)

All over the map ornate Hollow Knight cute scattered larvae that are in glass jars. They make sounds, asking any brave insects to come to the aid and rescue them from captivity. When the player breaks the Bank and looks like maggots happily crawling out, every time you want to smile.

But in video games, all good deeds are punished. Sometimes this captive in glass jars, the larvae of deception. As only letting them out, they turn into horrible monsters. They are quite dangerous: they have a lot of health, and they are surprisingly fast moving. So next time when you see these maggots, think twice before you release them.

Pitchers (Assassin’s Creed Origins)

A long-standing tradition of video game – to break the jars. It’s an unwritten rule: see jugs – Bay them. In Assassin’s Creed Origins this element is also present, and most often it’s worth it: you can get the equipment, resources, and materials, as well as the possibility to break something. Why not to break the jars, right? However, some of them are hiding deadly secrets.

Some broken jugs after the death decide to take revenge on the player: they are hissing snakes, stinging, typical of these creatures rage. Of course, it rarely deters us. Bites a couple of deadly, poisonous snakes – the price that most of us are willing to pay to smash every jar in Ancient Egypt.

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