Is it possible to photorealism in games?

Video games transport us to places we will never see and allow us to experience events that are impossible in reality, but this does not mean that they always look realistic. Many developers are content to cartoony or stylized graphics, but some people try to achieve photorealism.

Fantastic stories combined with plausible-looking atmosphere is really something. I would say that some games are already very close to this, but I can’t stop to ask themselves whether the gaming industry is always to deal with this problem. Is it possible the realism? Perhaps we have reached the pinnacle of graphical realism? What then?

I find it hard to believe that the developers will ever be able to create better graphics. Unlike sound, which, I sometimes think, it had better not be, the schedule continues to evolve. (When I use any high quality player from the beginning of 2000-ies, it’s still cool.) Remember your favorite movies with computer graphics from the beginning of 2000-ies.

When the trilogy “the Lord of the rings” was first released, I decided that it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Several years later I noticed that computer graphics can not stand the test of time. This happens again and again with video games. Those that look fantastic when the light begin to seem a little outdated in a few years.

Because of this I believe that the pursuit of photorealism will never end. The next generation will look at our game and think, “Damn, well, junk.” They’ll see innovative technologies that we saw. They see slow-motion or characters that are not properly simulate the fine details of facial expressions.

Now we consider games like Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport, the pinnacle of what can computer graphics – amazing landscapes, great cars and changing weather – but perhaps future generations will criticize them for not having enough mass or something like that.

Assume that the developers have finally reached perfection. Suppose they designed the graphics which are nowhere to improve. Games are a mirror reflection of real life. What then? Technology to quickly surpass their predecessors with the development, but then the progress stops or slows down to a minimum.

If we live in a world where game graphics as good as possible, stop the developers to move on? Or will come the Renaissance, where instead of competing with each other in a graphic perfection, the developers will focus on the stories that they would like to share?

Perhaps the stories will become more developed, complex and fascinating. It’s hard to imagine this when there is already a lot of great games with almost perfect subject lines.

No matter what future awaits us, I believe that developers should continue to develop the gaming industry. They should strive to create more realistic graphics and not forgetting about other interesting graphic styles.

However, if perfection is reached, they should also try to improve the storyline and to prescribe better characters. If one of the aspects of video game development will reach a proper level, it is necessary to pay attention to others.

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