Why secrets in video games is so important?

How games bring people together.

People were buzzing with excitement and joy at the end of Comic-con in San Diego in 2018. Why? Because of the secret. The developers Cory Barlog and Joe Kennedy of Santa Monica Studio confirmed that God of War is one more Easter eggs, and noted that the answer must be sought in the comic, and the people United together to find something new in your favorite game.

This sudden surge of enthusiasm, thanks to which the latest Easter eggs in God of War found only a few days later, leads to an interesting thought. Secrets in games are important. Something like Reptile in Mortal Kombat could become a legendary part of the game that will be remembered long after its release.

Even when the cheats have become a common phenomenon and Internet articles each move of the game was thoroughly investigated and dealt with, the developers still continued to include in their creations little secrets. This helps fans to bond in a positive sense.

Sonic Mania is a game released in August of 2017. Immediately after its release, people began to find the many small Easter eggs and secret add-ons throughout the game. But only a year later were found something really big.

Players found 8 codes in the section “Sound test” found under the menu of selection of levels. All were in raptures. Sonic Mania again began to attract the attention of the players. They discussed it among themselves in all social networks. It inspired people to help and to better relate to each other.

Destiny 2 was another game in which the secrets have helped people to bond. Bungie hid a lot of stuff in this MMO, and one of the first discoveries was “Whisper”. It was a secret mission on IO with a capacity of 380, available only when a public mission “Hearth obsessed”.

At this time appeared a man possessed knight, which could take you to the cave and portal. People went crazy at the thought of what kind of reward you could get for completing this mission. They even began to think, could this mark the return of one of the best exotic sniper rifles Black Spindle.

The players came together, shared news, and join in the team to achieve the desired. They watched how others accomplish this mission. All rejoiced when “the Whispering Worm”, the successor to Black Spindle, was discovered as a reward.

These secrets can once again revive the love of fans to a particular game. Thanks to them, the players once again begin to discuss their favorite franchise, and that could out them out. In Ghost, Recon Wildlands released an update that added content and characters from Rainbow Six Siege.

Valkyrie informs you that Kawara need help in saving her brother. During a trip with a Twitch POPs up remark “During the operation “Patriots” something went wrong”. This is a reference to Rainbow Six Patriots, a game that was canceled in 2014. Instead, she came up with Rainbow Six Siege. This game has awakened in the players memories of Rainbow Six Siege and Neverwinter Nights.

In all of these examples have something in common, don’t you think? In each case, people began to share information. They laid out everything they knew where I could. People are talking about games in a positive way. They worked together and helped each other find Easter eggs that were all on the same page. There is no doubt about how good these games or these people. It is a moment of true pleasure.

Currently is there so much evil and negativity. Such small things like secrets in games, will help people to feel a little better. It’s a chance to show that developers care about players, they spared no effort to please their loyal fans.

This is a chance to unite and work together with other players. This is a chance to experience the delight and help others instead of bickering and compete. It’s a chance to enjoy something pure, good and kind.

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