The Elder Scrolls 6: what we know from the teaser

A deep analysis of the teaser to the Ancient scrolls 6.

Last year there was a lot of revival around The Elder Scrolls 6, because people is waiting for this game. Nevertheless it absolutely had no information. No confirmed thefts and any such thing, but it was, to put it mildly, a great many rumors and fan theories. Such an appetite in the sixth game makes sense: it’s time for Bethesda to continue the development of its iconic franchise. Skyrim is definitely awesome. In recent years it has become available on almost every device, which you can think of, and achieved success on all platforms.

The game had survived more than two generations of consoles, plenty of mods, a full re-release and even a version for the Switch. Of Skyrim have been capitalized longer than any other game in the same genre. More than understandable why fans of the franchise require a new full version. Fortunately, it seems that in the near future we will get Elder Scrolls 6.

The Elder Scrolls VI – Official Announcement Teaser

The world about it said teaser with a duration of 37 seconds, which was shown last month at the Bethesda conference at E3. As expected, the teaser was perfect. Unfortunately, the only purpose of this teaser to inform about the upcoming game.

Many people immediately noticed the ambiguity of the teaser. Wasn’t blown characters, voices, any hints on the plot. Hell, the name even there is no subtitle, but fans of the Elder Scrolls have become accustomed to this: part 2 was called Daggerfall, part 3 – Morrowind 4 – Oblivion 5 – Skyrim. So what will The Elder Scrolls 6? Where the action will occur? What will be the game? Though everyone was happy to see the teaser, but the exact answers to these questions was not given. It’s definitely not a coincidence.

It is difficult to say anything for sure, but you can make logical assumptions regarding the General concepts that will be in the game. The teaser begins with the camera going through clouds and fog, and immediately become obvious a huge scale. Yes, the game series Elder Scrolls is typically large, therefore this assumption is not so risky.

It seems that the developers have an idea about the games that defied the scale of Skyrim as the Witcher 3, and now decided to return to the first place on the scale and monumentality. Reasonably, if Bethesda, the more that endless “arms race” that, in a game with a large and expansive world, renews every time there’s a new game in the series The Elder Scrolls.

Another important point – when the fog lifts and you can see huge world. Let this special animation, not in-game shot, is outstanding diversity of landscapes. It seems that Elder Scrolls 6 will raise in all that relates to different locations, topography, and size in General. Caves, lakes, mountains, forests, peninsulas, cities, even like the ocean – all of this can be seen in the teaser.

The fact that the developers bend over backwards to show different landscapes, should tell us that diversity and new locations we can expect in the game. It’s wonderful. Many games have tried to achieve the same diversity that was in Skyrim. Some of them work, so it becomes clear why Bethesda want to beat all the big RPG with open world, which appeared after Skyrim.

The soundtrack was also a familiar melody Elder Scrolls fans hear for several years. Of course, this rewriting of the motive with greater emphasis on bass and brass-wind instruments. So theme music sounds more deep and powerful than in Skyrim. Based on this, more than safe to assume that our journey in this world will be accompanied by murders. Maybe some new tunes will also be the center of attention. Will need to keep their ears open until it becomes available more videos about the game. I’m sure soon there will be memorable moments of the bliss of the audience.

As I mentioned earlier, the game has no subtitle. No no name the main location. I would be shocked if the subtitle is not really planned. The logical conclusion of that is to do the subtitle is confidential for some reason. Maybe he hasn’t even chosen? If that’s the case, then Elder Scrolls 6 will have to wait even longer than I’d like.

However, this would strongly contrast with the marketing principles used by Bethesda with their games lately. Wolfenstein 2, Prey, The Evil Within 2 – all these games were announced for a reasonable period of time from their release. Maybe this information is now really in limbo, and the choice of locations and the subtitle is still going, but for some reason not reported.

And again – time will tell. Have already appeared the fan theory that the setting of the game is Hammerfell, because the external appearance of the area is largely similar to what was shown in the teaser.

Of course, all this is just a thought. Teasers like this are created in order that the masses looked upon them, and journalists, experts and hardcore fans have disassembled them in detail. One thing is for sure: we all have many reasons to look forward to next game of this series, which has been around for many years.

The game the Elder Scrolls often become the benchmark to which others aspire series even years after release, and most of them ultimately did not meet expectations. The game the Elder Scrolls passed the test of time and inspired the creation of many great worlds. So the future release of a new game from this series should fill all the gamers with hope and enthusiasm.

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