Top 10 amazing games about X-Men

Few superhero teams are as well known as X-Men. For decades, dozens of characters and dozens of stories have graced the pages of books and comics and appeared on the screens. Of course, video games about X-Men is also rife, and about half of them are very good!

One of the coolest things about the X-Men is that the team is constantly changing, and this concept is well suited for games. It was and fighting games and action games and even RPGs. So, without further ADO, here are ten of the coolest games of X-Men.

X-Men: The Arcade Game is a classic In the past, when companies like Konami were able to get standing on the verge of bankruptcy the rights to Marvel characters on the cheap, these games have been numerous, low-budget and high-quality.

In those days it was much more creative freedom and much less Hollywood gloss. The game was quite impressive, as it was a fighting game that supports up to 6 players. Because of this, the machine needed to install two screens, and although the gameplay was divided, to play the full team was still amazing.

But when X-Men: The Arcade Game was eventually re-released on consoles last generation, this separation disappeared, and even the PS3 supported up to six players. Play this game if you can – though it is no longer possible to get legal means.

Along with Konami, another legendary Japanese developer, who used the deplorable state of Marvel in the 90s was Capcom. Capcom, at the time, was, of course, known for its excellent arcade games, especially fighting games.

X-Men: Children of the Atom is the first game Capcom with characters from Marvel and paved the way for the creation of other legendary fighting games. This game has a few more cool reworkings, but the original version, with which it all began, became a cult.

Long live the series marvel RPG from the Studio Raven! It all started with X-Men Legends, the appearance of which no one could have foreseen. The developers got the license for Marvel characters, which gradually returned to its former greatness due to the increased popularity of the films of the early 2000-ies. The creators came up with isometric RPGs.

This is a really old school game, the success of which contributed to the bright colors and funny characters. The plot was very good, and it helped Raven in the future to create several sequels and spin-offs.

When the first game brings success, it is best to do a sequel, similar to its predecessor and add a lot of new content. That’s exactly what happened with X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse. It was a well-made game with lots of characters (including a bad guy named Apocalypse) and a much more detailed story.

It also has a special unlockable character in the face of Ironman, implying a series of games Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is the next step in the evolution of the short-lived idea of using superheroes in video games.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse – another classic game from Capcom with the characters of the cult Marvel team, but this time it’s a console fighting game for the Super Nintendo. It has well-drawn sprites, flexible combat system and the gloss, which was in all games from Capcom at the time.

Of course, it is not as good as the arcade fighting game, but as licensed console games then were almost always shitty, the authorship of Capcom or Konami was a sign of quality for fans of video games.

The film “Wolverine” was bad. I mean, really super bad. But Raven was commissioned to adapt the film into a video game. The developers of the Raven must be obsessed with X-Men, because you can see the effort and the desire to create a cool game despite all the difficulties.

Here we have an action game in the style of Devil May Cry or God of War. This is not the best representative of the genre, but it has a number of good features.

On some platforms the game was marked as 18 and had a stunning visual highlight: Wolverine torn apart, and then he recovers with the help of his regenerative abilities. And you can sit and watch the healing from damage in real time. It is terribly tacky and terribly cool.

It is a strange instance, but it is good in its own right and has played a significant role in the development of games about X-Men. X-Men: the Ravages of Apocalypse actually was something of a fashion for Quake. He serves as a kind of extension because it is technically an independent game, but requires Quake to work.

This conversion of the game that changes all the weapons and turns enemies into an evil cyborg clone of X-Men, who are immune to certain weapons. Apparently, it was released under dubious licensing but is still considered the first FPS shooter, which featured the official superheroes.

Before Marvel vs Capcom was X-Men vs Street Fighter. It was the sequel to X-Men: Children of the Atom, which brought together characters from Street Fighter (Alpha series approx) and one of the most powerful superheroes in the world. The game was unpredictable and was the first to introduce a number of a mechanic, which later became a feature of all games in the series, Capcom Versus.

One such mechanic was ridiculously funny improving inconspicuous characters from Street Fighter for example, Ryu’s fireball was more like giant laser beams. That is our way!

Campton and Konami managed to get rich thanks to the acquisition of rights to characters of X-Men. But perhaps you are not aware that Sega did the same thing, and eventually created two leading product for the Sega Genesis. It was more methodical platformer, where you had to pass difficult levels than games with fast fights and beautiful graphics.

The first game was very complex, but its excellent soundtrack and the deliberate use of only four characters that you can understand how much effort and intelligence was invested in its creation.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars was a sequel to the PC action/adventure platformer from Sega, in which one or two players were given a choice of a very small number of characters. In this part the characters became more added even unlock Psylocke and magneto, there’s always the sign of a great game about the X-Men.

At that time, as the first game is known for its wonderful music, the second game became famous solely because of its soundtrack created by Kurt Harland of the band Information Society. It has even been released in the form of an independent album. Planned third game, which was part of the only female characters from X-Men, but unfortunately, its development stopped.

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